Outputs from past events



Over the four years of the COST Action, a lot of informative information has been presented. The links in this section will allow access to many of the presentations, books of abstracts and brochures related to the various meetings and training schools.Detail of each can be found be clicking on the relevant meeting.

First Workshop - Paris, France. 27-28 January, 2014

Seventh European Conference on Wood Modification (ECWM7). Lisbon, Portugal. 10-12 March, 2014.

Training School 1 - Durability studies in the field: Assessment and evaluation. Hannover, Germany. 25-26 June, 2014

Year 1 Conference. Performance and maintenance of bio-based building materials influencing the life cycle and LCA. Kranjska Gora, Slovenia. 23-24 October, 2014

Tallinn meeting - "Performance Testing and Testing Methodologies of Non-wood Biobased Materials", Tallinn Technical University, Estonia. 4-5 March, 2015

Training School 2 - Mould Fungi – Evaluation of mould risk. Biocomposites Centre, Bangor, UK. 8-10 June, 2015

International Panel Products Synmposium (IPPS2105), Llandudno, UK. 7-8 October, 2015

Eighth European Conference on Wood Modification (ECWM8), Helsinki, Finland. 27-28 October, 2015

Joint FP1303 and FP1407 WG 2 meeting:  “LCA of wood modification processes - where are the weaknesses with inventories, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland. 3 December, 2015.

“Designing with bio-based building materials – Challenges and opportunities”. INIA, Madrid. 24-25 February, 2016

Training School 3 - Application of NIR spectroscopy for wood science and technology research. CNR-IVALSA, San Michele all’ Adige, Italy. 19-21 April, 2016

"Hygrothermal Performance of Buildings and their Materials", Poznan University of Life Sciences, Poznan, Poland. 30-31 August, 2016.

"Design, Application and Aesthetics of biobased building materials", Sofia, Bulgaria. 28 February - 1 March, 2017.

Training School 4 - Product Development from Renewable Resources. Danish Technological Institute, Denmark. 15-17 March 2017

Building with bio-based materials: Best practice and performance specification, University of Zagreb, Croatia. 6-7 September, 2017 (Final Action meeting)