COST FP1303 book "Performance of Bio-Based Building Materials"


From the outset of the Action, one of the key deliverables agreed upon was the publication of an up-to-date review of the status of various bio-based materials and the factors influencing their in-service performance. Over the course of the Action, and through the information collected from participants at the various meetings, it was possible to undertake a thorough overview of the current state of the art regarding bio-based materials within the built environment. With the help of many of the experts in the Action, the 646-page book "Performance of bio-based building materials" has be published by Elsevier's Woodhead Publishing group, its availability being since summer 2017. Orders can be made on the Elsevier website, or via all reputable bookstores. Any royalties gained from the sale of the book has been gifted to the International Research Group on Wood Protection as a contribution to their Early Career Investigator grants for attending their annual conference.


"Performance of bio-based building materials". Edited by Dennis Jones and Christian Brischke. Woodhead Publishing, Elsevier. 646 pages. Hardbook ISBN 9780081009826. The book comprises 10 chapters:

1 - Introduction to the performance of bio-based building materials (Pages 1-19)
2 - Wood as bio-based building material (Pages 21-96)
3 - Nonwood bio-based materials (Pages 97-186)
4 - Protection of the bio-based material (Pages 187-247)
5 - Performance of the bio-based materials (Pages 249-333)
6 - Performance of buildings (Pages 335-383)
7 - Test methods for bio-based building materials (Pages 385-481)
8 – Modelling (Pages 483-546)
9 - Environmental assessment of bio-based building materials (Pages 547-591)
10 - Durability, efficacy and performance of bio-based construction materials: Standardisation background and systems of evaluation and authorisation for the European market (Pages 593-610)