ITC Conference Grants


COST has introduced a new activity, which allows PhD students and post-doctoral researchers from Inclusiveness countries to attend conferences and present work related to this Action.

Since the Action finishes on 21 October 2017, all activities have to be completed before then. Given the timescale, the Chair (Dennis Jones) has been in discussion with a possible conference - the International Panel Products Symposium, which will be held in Llandudno, UK on 4-5 October. The COST Office has given special dispensation to allow applications less than the normal 45 days given the limited time of this Action.

For COST FP1303, Inclusiveness countries refers to : Bulgaria,  Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Republic of Serbia and Turkey.

Please refer to the rules for application. It will also be necessary to submit an abstract (poster only) to IPPS (email: ipps@bangor.ac.uk).

Time is limited - encourage your students to apply!