Given the diverse themes covered within COST FP1303, there have been a lot of scientific articles published by members and participants of the Action over the four years duration. As results continue to be collected, particularly from Short Term Scientific Missions, it is expected that there will be many more publications related to and acknowledging COST FP1303. Information on books and chapters written by Action members is listed below:

Selected publications can be accessed by clicking on the selected years:

2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

The outputs from ECWM7, ECWM8 and IPPS 2015 also relate strongly to the aims of this Action, as demonstrated by the joint sessions within these conferences. There was also a presentation by the Action Chair (Dennis Jones) at the Wood Science and Engineering (WSE) conference in Edinburgh in 2014. The conference paper and presentation can be found here (paper, presentation). 


Several papers from the International Research Group on Wood Protection are also relevant to the activities and outcomes of this Action and some of these are listed here.

European Conference on Wood Modification (ECWM)

ECWM has been a regular conference since its inception as the key output from the  European Thematic Network for Wood Modification. Below are links to the conference proceedings or pages with individual papers from the conference proceedings. 

ECWM1 - Ghent, Belgium. 3-4 April, 2003

ECWM2 - Gottingen, Germany. 6-7 October, 2005

ECWM3 - Cardiff, United Kingdom. 15-16 October, 2005

ECWM4 - Stockholm, Sweden. 27-29 April, 2009

ECWM5 - Riga, Latvia. 20-21 October, 2010

ECWM6 - Ljubljana, Slovenia. 17-18 September, 2012

ECWM7 - Lisbon, Portugal. 10-12 March, 2014  

ECWM8 - Helsinki, Finland. 26-27 October, 2015

ECWM9. Arnhem, Netherlands. 17-18 September, 2018