IRG publications


The International Research Group on Wood Protection is a multi-national organisation dealing with all aspects of wood protection. It has an annual conference, where many members of COST FP1303 participate and present current research. Below are some papers presented at IRG conferences during the lifetime of the COST FP1303 with common themes to those of the Action:   

M Dass, W Unger, T L Woods (2017). “Durability Testing of a Cattail (Typha spp.) based Insulation Material against Termite Attack”. IRG/WP 17-10879.
W Unger, T L Woods (2017). “On the Influence of Wood Destroying Fungi on the Feeding Intensity of Termites”. IRG/WP 17-10893
H Bowen, M Montibus, M Kutnik, S M Cragg (2017). “Novel wood treatments improve resistance to the wood-boring marine isopod Limnoria quadripunctata”. IRG/WP 17-10899
J Niklewski, C Brischke, E Frühwald Hansson, L Meyer-Veltrup (2017). “Modelling of moisture content in timber bridge details”. IRG/WP 17-20613
B Lesar, M Humar, C Brischke, L Meyer-Veltrup, D Jones, N Thaler, J M Abascal, G Alfredsen,B Brunnhuber, E Grodås, M Irle, J Kers,M Klamer, K-C Mahnert, E Melcher, S Palanti, M Noël, E Suttie, N Pfabigan, M Touza (2017). “COST FP 1303 Cooperative Performance Test – Results after two years outdoor exposure”. IRG/WP 17-20620
L Ross Gobakken, W Perdoch, B Mazela, P Kwaśniewska-Sip, G Cofta (2017). “Bio-friendly wood protection systems - resistance to mould and blue-stain fungi”. IRG/WP 17-30713
M Westin, E Conti, J Creemers, P-O Flæte, A Gellerich, I Irbe, M Klamer, E Melcher, R Moeller, L Nunes, S Palanti, L Reinprecht, E Suttie, H Viitanen (2017). “10-year Report on COST E37 Round Robin Tests – Comparison of results from laboratory and field tests”. IRG/WP 17-30718
G Beck, S Strohbusch, E Larnøy, H Militz, C Hill (2017). “Accessibility of hydroxyl groups in anhydride modified wood as measured by deuterium exchange”. IRG/WP 17-40784
A Treu, R Bredesen, F Bongers (2017). “The potential and the challenges of acetylated wood in timber bridges - experiences from an ongoing project”. IRG/WP 17-40792
J-P Lecomte, J Van Acker, J Van den Bulcke, M Kutnik, M Montibus, S Salvati, S Derocker (2017). “Organosilicon-based impregnation hydrophobers for wood”. IRG/WP 17-40808
R Ringman, A Pilgård, K Richter (2016). “High-frequency monitoring of mass loss due to brown rot degradation of modified wood”. IRG/WP 16-10862
E J van Nieuwenhuijzen, L Ross Gobakken, M F Sailer, R A Samson, O C G Adan (2016). “Formation of biofinishes on outdoor exposed wood; the impact of wood-oil combination and geographical location. Influence factors of outdoor biofinish formation on oil treated wood”. IRG/WP 16-10864
S Duarte, T Nobre, M Duarte, P A V Borges, L Nunes (2016). “Diversity of hindgut symbiotic flagellate protist communities of the European subterranean termite in Portugal”. IRG/WP 16-10875
R Stirling, G Alfredsen, C Brischke, I De Windt, L P Francis, E Frühwald Hansson, M Humar, J Jermer, M Klamer, M Kutnik, P Laks, I Le Bayon, S Metsä-Kortelainen, L Meyer-Veltrup, P I Morris, J Norton, T Singh, J Van Acker, J Van den Bulcke, T M Venås, H Viitanen, A H H Wong (2016). “Global survey on durability variation – on the effect of the reference species”. IRG/WP 16-20573
G Alfredsen, C Brischke, P-O Flæte, M Humar, L Meyer-Veltrup  (2016). “On the effect of climate and exposure conditions on durability indicators and their potential for service life prediction of wood-based products”. IRG/WP 16-20576
I Burud, K A Smeland, K Hovde Liland, T K Thiis, J Sandak, A Sandak, L Ross Gobakken (2016). “Weather degradation of thin wood samples”. IRG/WP 16-20578
H G Beck, C A S Hill (2016). “Measurement of Cell Wall Moisture in Acetylated Radiata Pine Using Low-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance”. IRG/WP 16-20583
A Sandak, J Sandak, I Burud, L Ross Gobakken, M Noël (2016). “Expert versus multi-sensor evaluation of wood samples after short term weathering”. IRG/WP 16-20587
J Niklewski, E Frühwald Hansson, C Brischke, D Kavurmaci (2016). “Development of decay hazard maps based on decay prediction models”. IRG/WP 16-20588
F Bongers, C Brischke, J Van den Bulcke, W Gard, I De Windt, H Militz (2016). “Evaluation of field test data”. IRG/WP 16-20594
C Lykidis, T de Troya, M Conde, J Galván, G Mantanis (2016). “The termite resistance of wood impregnated with nano-zinc oxide and nano-zinc borate dispersions”. IRG/WP 16-30691
S Akbas, A Temiz, N Terziev, M H Alma, S Palanti, E Feci (2016). “Effects of Bio-oil Obtained from Laurel (Laurus nobilis) Residues on Biological, Physical, and Mechanical Properties of Treated Wood”. IRG/WP 16-30692
D Jones, M Lawther, A C Steenkjær Hastrup, P Fynholm, P Fælled, D Penaloza (2016). “Performance of a new water-based fire retardant in wood-based panels”. IRG/WP 16-30697
P W Kwaśniewska-Sip, G Cofta, B Mazela, L Ross Gobakken, A K Przybył (2016). “Fungistatic activity of quinolizidine and bisquinolizidine alkaloids against A. niger”. IRG/WP 16-30699
C Grosse, M-F Thévenon, M Noël, P Gérardin (2016). “Optimising wood chemical modification with lactic acid oligomers by screening of processing conditions and chemical additives”. IRG/WP 16-40741
C Fernández-Costas, S Palanti, M Á Sanromán, D Moldes (2016). “New perspectives for wood protection: enzyme-based treatments”. IRG/WP 16-40742
B Lesar, M Humar, G Hora (2016). “Contamination of recycled wood from selected recycling companies in Europe”. IRG/WP 16-50322
C Brischke, G Alfredsen, P-O Flæte, M Humar, T Isaksson, L Meyer (2015). “The combined effect of wetting ability and durability on field performance – verification of a new prediction approach”. IRG/WP 15-20565
M Humar, C Brischke, L Meyer, B Lesar, N Thaler, D Jones, S Bardage, C Belloncle, J Van den Bulcke, J M Abascal, G Alfredsen, D Baisch, B Brunnhuber, G Cofta, E Grodås, E Frühwald Hansson, M Irle, H Kallakas, J Kers,M Klamer, P Larsson Brelid, A B Maider, K C Mahnert, E Melcher, R Möller, M Noël, L Nunes, G A Ormondroyd, S Palanti, N Pfabigan, A Pilgård, A O Rapp, P Schumacher, E Suttie, T Teppand, M Touza, J Van Acker (2015). “Introduction of the COST FP 1303 Cooperative Performance Test”. IRG/WP 15-20567
M Humar, D Kržišnik, C Brischke (2015). “The effect of preservative treatment on mechanical strength and structural integrity of wood”. IRG/WP 15-30667
F Bongers, M Kutnik, I Paulmier, J Alexander, H Militz (2015). “Termite and insect resistance of acetylated wood”. IRG/WP 15-40703
E Suttie, J Alexander, M Maes (2015). “Durable fibre for durable MDF – testing Tricoya®”. IRG/WP 15-40704
A Pilgård, P Arnold, K Richter (2014). “Protein extraction from wood decay fungus Postia placenta”.   IRG/WP 14-10827
C Brischke, L Meyer, C Hesse, J Van Acker, I De Windt, J Van den Bulcke, E Conti, M Humar, H Viitanen, M Kutnik, L Malassenet (2014). “Moisture dynamics of wood and wood-based products – Results from an inter-laboratory test”. IRG/WP 14-20539
E Suttie, C Brischke, L Meyer, J Van Acker, M Kutnik, E Heisel, F Englund, J Jermer, S Thelandersson, M Polášek, D Lorenzo (2014). “Performance classification of wood in construction – drafting a user friendly European standard”.  IRG/WP 14-20545
N Thaler, C Brischke, D Žlindra, V Vek, M Humar (2014). “Changes in mechanical and chemical properties of wood exposed outdoors”. IRG/WP 14-20550  
C Brischke, C Hesse, L Meyer, S Bardage, J Jermer, T Isaksson (2014). “Moisture dynamics of wood – An approach to implement the wetting ability of wood into a resistance classification concept.” IRG/WP 14-20553
A Soetbeer, L Meyer, C Brischke, P Larsson-Brelid, J Jermer (2014). “In-ground durability of wood-based products – Comparative assessment of graveyard field tests and terrestrial microcosms”. IRG/WP 14-20538
 M Humar, N Thaler, E Melcher (2014). “Copper and chromium leaching from wood impregnated with chromium-copper containing preservatives: Results of different studies”. IRG/WP 14-50300