University of Goettingen


The Department Wood Biology and Wood Products is located at the Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology at Georg-August-University Goettingen, Germany (https://www.uni-goettingen.de/en/36833.html). Currently, 35 researchers are working in the following fields of research:

Wood Protection, Wood modification, and Wood composites
The research efforts aim at the improvement of traditional methods of wood preservation and novel techniques for thermal and chemical wood modification.
Durability, dimensional stability and mechanical surface properties are improved through various treatments and methodologies.
A huge portfolio of different wood composites, including LVL and wood polymer composites, is researched and new methods of UV-stabilisation are being explored.
Wood deterioration and microorganisms
Microbial decay is studied on various bio-based building materials such as wood, wood-based panels and composites.
Besides, standard durability testing, the mode of action is examined in differently treated wood.
In addition, bacterial and fungal decay is studied in foundation poles, sleepers and archaeological sites.
Performance of wood-based materials is examined under laboratory, field, and in-service-conditions.
Moisture monitoring and service life planning
Wood moisture content is a key parameter for various abiotic and biotic processes in timber elements and therefore monitored for different purposes indoors and outdoors.
Based on monitoring data models for service life prediction of wooden structures are developed and used to classify the performance of wood-based products.
Wood quality
Another important aspect related to wood protection is the natural durability of the different wood species. Furthermore their performance regarding drying, gluing and coating is investigated in numerous projects.
The effects of silvicutural treatment on wood properties and resulting applications are topics of ongoing research projects with a focus of underutilized hardwood species.

The department was represented in the management committee of COST FP 1303 by Prof. Dr. Holger Militz and PD Dr. Christian Brischke (vice-chair).