IRG - The International Research Group on Wood Protection


IRG (The International Research group on Wood Protection). The IRG membership is a structured group of like-minded scientists and technologists focused on generating knowledge of the science of wood deterioration, and novel solutions to provide sustainably and environmentally responsible products for the protection of wood-based materials. The primary function of the IRG is to provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and information in an informal atmosphere, unencumbered by refereeing of papers or other pre-conditions. The primary vehicle is the annual meeting usually held in May of each year with global locations chosen as providing optimal opportunities for interactions between attendees and in settings that are both interesting and economically viable for our diverse attendance from around the world. (www.irg-wp.com)

The current President of IRG is Joris Van Acker, with Lone Ross Gobakken as the Vice-President. The Secretary General is Mats Westin.